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Customized Silencing Systems
to Meet Your Application Needs


Embracing innovation allows us to stay at the forefront of the industry and offer unique products that perfectly fit our clients' applications.


Clients can trust us to provide reliable solutions that effectively reduce noise and enhance operational efficiency in their engines and blowers.


We thrive on collaborating with our customers, actively seeking feedback, and staying responsive to evolving market demands.

About Us

BelMar Industries is a leading small business specializing in custom silencing solutions for the engine exhaust and positive displacement blower markets. We proudly serve clients across North America, offering top-notch products that precisely fit your application and perform as required. Most of our products are shipped within 3 weeks from the date of order.


Engine & Blower Silencers and Accessories

Standard Silencers
Spark Arrest Silencers
Disk Silencers
Compact Silencers
Blower Base
Intake & Discharge
Flex Connectors
Gaskets & Hardware
Custom Silencing Solutions for Engines and Blowers

Our company excels in designing, manufacturing, and selling heavy-duty, industrial silencers for the engine and blower markets. Our comprehensive line of engine silencers includes custom-made silencers tailored to your specifications, standard silencers, disk silencers, spark arrestor silencers, compact silencers, and a complete range of exhaust accessories. For the blower market, we offer intake silencers, discharge silencers, and blower bases that find applications in various industries. Our expertise lies in collaborating with customers on custom solutions. Whether you require a single silencer or multiple units, we are dedicated to working with you to meet your specific silencing needs and create the perfect silencer for your application.

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